Will it kill me?

 Hepatitis B can cause serious liver damage in people with chronic (long term) infections.  However, only around 5% of those who are infected as adults will develop serious liver damage called cirrhosis.  95% of people infected as adults will clear the virus naturally. If you clear the virus naturally during the acute phase, you become immune and cannot be reinfected. 95% of people infected as children will go on to develop a chronic infection.  25% of those infected as children will develop serious liver damage later in life.


In Scotland treatment is available for those with chronic infections to slow down the progression of the disease.  There is no medical cure for chronic Hepatitis B.  However, there is a vaccine which can prevent you from becoming infected.  The Hepatitis B vaccine is not offered universally (to everyone) in Scotland at the moment. It is only offered to those are at highest riskThis will change shortly and Hepatitis B vaccination will be given as one of many vaccinations received by children in the months and years after birth.



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Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework

The Scottish Government has published the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework to tackle Hepatitis B in Scotland.
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