What should I know about Travel Medications?


You will need to seek advice from your doctor when it comes to medications for travelling. This is because some medications may have a detrimental effect  on your liver or interfere with your treatment.


What to ask your doctor


If you are going abroad, check what vaccinations you need. Some vaccinations are not suitable for those on treatment for Hepatitis B.


If you are visiting a country where malaria is prevalent, find out what tablets you should take. Some malaria prevention tablets are not suitable for people with liver complaints.

Ask for antibiotics to take with you, in case you get a tummy upset. You are no more likely to get diarrhea than anyone else, but if you have liver problems, you may suffer worse symptoms, and take longer to recover.


Ask for a copy of your most recent blood test or liver biopsy result to take with you. If you need treatment abroad, this will allow another doctor to prescribe the right medication and dosage for you.

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